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Academic Affairs

Course load

Classes are usually scheduled between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. Programs of study have a course load of 20 to 31 hours per week. Some students may have equivalences for certain courses they have already taken at other colleges. These students must consult the Registrar to make a request. No refund will be given for exemptions, equivalences, substitutions or withdrawal from courses.


O’Sullivan College is a bilingual college. It encourages its students to become bilingual.
Second language courses in English and in French are included in most of our programs of study.

Credit for acquired knowledge and work experience

Any student interested in receiving this type of credit should contact the Office of Pedagogical Services to make a written request for recognition of acquired knowledge.

The comprehensive examination

Students registered in a program leading to a Diploma of Collegial Studies will be evaluated through a comprehensive examination covering the entire program of study, including general education. The examination will verify the integration of all aspects of the program of study and will determine whether the student is ready to meet the requirements of the work force. This comprehensive examination can be done as part of a course or through a final project.

Ministerial examination of College English

All students registered in a college-level program leading to a Diploma of Collegial Studies must take the Ministerial Examination of College English. In order to obtain your Diploma of Collegial Studies you must have successfully passed this examination.

Diploma Requirements

To be eligible for a specific diploma or attestation, a student must pass all the required courses.
These courses are outlined in the programs of study section.

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