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The O'Sullivan College of Montreal offers DCS and ACS study programs in a learning environment where Quality and Accessibility Are a Priority.


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Career Planning

Career planning counsellors at O’Sullivan College help students formulate career goals and plan strategies to achieve them.

Services offered by the College include: individual career guidance and counselling, resource material on career information, employer directories, company literature and university catalogues, and network of alumni resources.

Job Placement Service

Counsellors are available to discuss job search strategies. They can also help students prepare CVs and seek job interviews. In addition, the Placement Service provides students with information on full-time, part-time, summer and temporary employment in their fields of interest. O’Sullivan Placement counsellors actively work with employers to locate job openings for graduates.


Most of our programs of study include a period of work experience in their respective industries. The College’s Placement Service helps each student to find an internship that suits his/her interests. The students must apply themselves to the internship offers or find their own intership. This is an important first step towards eventual employment.

The following services are provided by the placement service of O'Sullivan College:

  • Group workshops to help students identify their skills, interests and values as they relate to the job market
  • Job outlook conferences featuring prominent employers and alumni speakers
  • Simulated employment interviews with professionals from the business community
  • Workshops on job hunting, CV writing and interview skills
  • Maintenance of a permanent file, including letters of recommendation, follow-ups, etc.
  • Access to O’Sullivan’s computerized placement databank

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