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The O'Sullivan College of Montreal offers DCS and ACS study programs in a learning environment where Quality and Accessibility Are a Priority.


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Personalized services for students

Class Representatives

Each year, the class representatives are elected by the members of the student body. They encourage open communication by representing their class when speaking to teachers and members of the administration, as well as by conveying all important college information to their classmates. They participate in scheduled meetings where they are consulted on aspects of student life, and they must prepare a report at the end of each school year with the purpose of sharing comments and suggestions.

In addition, the class representatives are involved in the organization and the promotion of the college's various social and cultural activities. They also play an important role in welcoming new and returning students, thus fostering the sense of belonging and creating a harmonious living environment in the college.



Student Activities

Numerous social activities are organized throughout the year and student involvement in these events is strongly encouraged. These activities give students the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of social-conscience, while promoting solid leadership and teamwork skills. At the same time, participation in these activities help forge social networks and an overall feeling of unity within the student body.

The College's extracurricular activities may vary from year to year, according to interest and availability. They serve to round-out students’ otherwise academic school experience, and generally include the following:

  • Welcome Day
  • Multicultural Day
  • ‘Themed’ monthly events: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Western Day, Sugar Shack, etc.
  • Clubs and committees : Environmental, Health, First Aid and Security, Travel, and Charity Fundraisers
  • Graduation activities
  • Also, much attention is given to the promotion of healthy and active living through awareness campaigns, and to encouraging students’ participation in our sports teams.

Computer Labs

O’Sullivan students have six computer labs at their disposal equipped with the most recent Microsoft technology. These computer labs are also available to students who wish to use them outside of class hours. Internet access is available through our WIFI network and our five mobile computer labs.


Library materials are carefully selected to provide support for the College curriculum as well as to enrich students' reading opportunities. The library collection also includes a wide variety of audio tapes and video programs for the use of faculty and students. Students also receive instruction in library research techniques. Furthermore, the library computer centre is an ideal place to do research.

The library includes a computer lab where 20 computer workstations are available for student use during the library’s opening hours. There are also 16 laptop computers for student use. The library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except on Friday, the library closes at 5 p.m.)

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is available to students experiencing difficulties in English, French or any other subject.
The centre offers personalized service to students by providing individual meetings with a tutor or peer tutoring.
To learn more about the Learning Center, please click here.

Coaching Services

This one-on-one assistance service offered by a specialized counselor aims to help students deal with personal difficulties. Furthermore, it also provides them the support and encouragement to establish a successful plan, reach their academic objectives, and develop their skills.

Our coaching service helps students address issues of time management, stress management, anger management, note-taking, self-esteem/confidence, and self-motivation.
To learn more about the Coaching Services, please click here.

The Health Service

There are several staff members present in the college that hold first aid certificates issued by the CNESST. In addition, the  Student Services Coordinator manages physical and mental health needs based on urgency. Students can also book an appointment with the college social worker by contacting the Learning Center first.
The college offers assistance for minor first aid and it directs more complex cases to the nearby medical clinics, where health professionals can be consulted.

View a list of external resources related to mental health and sexual violence.


Students and teachers at O'Sullivan College have access to the Omnivox platform accessible through the Internet to perform different academic operations. Students have online access to their schedules, their progression charts and grades. They may also use this platform to communicate with classmates, teachers and administration, obtain assignments, lectures, notes, as well as other information.

College Regulations

Full compliance with college regulations is expected of all students. These regulations are based primarily on respect for individuals and property. Students can consult the following link for specific rules and regulations : Information for registered students.

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